Coupon Policy

  • - We do not double coupons.
  • - We do not accept competitors coupons
  • - We accept internet coupons printed directly from the manufacturer’s website up to $3 in value.
  • - We do not accept internet printed "free" item coupons, including "buy one, get one" coupons.
  • - No limit on number of manufacturer’s coupons per transaction (as long as you meet the requirements).
  • - We accept all coupons from
  • - You can use (stack) a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon.

Green Sheet Coupons:
Unless otherwise stated "Green Sheet" coupons are unlimited store coupons and can be used with manufacturer's coupons. Only one coupon is necessary and will take off the amount for each coupon item you purchase.

Newspaper Coupons:
Most coupons in the newspaper are store coupons and can be used with manufacturer's coupons to "double" your savings. You no longer have to cut out the Festival newspaper coupons. Just stop by the service desk and pick up one of the flyers that have the store coupons (not the green sheet, that's separate) on them and give this to your cashier.  The cashier just has to enter one code for all the coupons and you don't have to cut them out. It's a win-win time saver for you and the cashier! Our store coupons are limited to one set of coupon per family.

Do you have further questions on Festival Foods coupon policy? Let us know!
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